Ascii Coded heX Utility - shortly ACXUtility - formerly IntelHexUtility

As standard pc hex editors are not able to load ascii-coded-hex contents like intel hex or motorola s-records, I wrote a basic tool to handle ascii-coded-hex for my own. By the time it grew to ja-tool ACXUtility, that enables you to view, edit, compare and convert pure binary files, proprietary hex dumps, intel-hex and motorola s-records at contents level.

Download Ascii Coded heX Utility as an exe or a zip.

What are ja-tools licence?

ACXUtility is free for any use except military.
Software is provided "as is", any risk from use is yours.
There is no regular support to be expected.

What third parties are involved?

Inprise/Borland, because I use Delphi,
jrsoftware, because I use Inno Setup, and
Microsoft, because you and me are using Windows.

(c) Copyright 2005-2011 by Johannes Assenbaum   -   last changed at Sep 29 2011
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