ReAVR  -  Disassembler for AVR

Reassembly is hard stuff, for enthusiasts only, and commonly used as a very last way out of a desaster,
e.g. when production code must be changed for any reason, and company, that owns the sources, does not exist no more...

Download ReAVR disassembler here (as exe or zipped) and, please, read and understand all the help.
This part is not quite simple.

And @ those of you, who did a missing ior file: Please send it to me, if you ever are allowed to.
Other users will love you.

What are ja-tools licence?

ReAVR is free for any use except military.
Software is provided as is, any risk from use is yours.
Feel free to donate.

What third parties are involved?

Borland, because I use Delphi,
jrsoftware, because I use Inno Setup, and
Microsoft, because you and me are using Windows.

(c) Copyright 2005-2011 by Johannes Assenbaum   -   last changed at Apr 27 2011
If you find ReAVR useful, please think of donation.