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Like to follow me into the fascinating world of AVR and other controllers binaries?
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What are ja-tools and what are they good for?

History back, long ago, in times of 8.3 file names only, with my first TurboPascal,
I decided for "tools.ja" foldername for my own PC software projects.
When I turned to Delphi some years later, I changed foldername to "ja-tools", just for distinction.
So ja-tools were born.

Most of my tools are simple single-purpose quickshots, written to be forgotten, after work is done,
but few multi-purpose parts survived and even got to be developed further, especially those two:

ReAVR disassembler to generate directly re-usable asm source from an AVR hex file,
Ascii Coded heX Utility (formerly IntelHexUtility) to view, edit, compare and convert pure binary,
proprietary hex dump, intel-hex and motorola-s-records files at binary contents level.

What are ja-tools licences?

All software you can get here is free for any use except military.
You just must accept, that software is provided "as is", that any use is on your own risk,
and that there is no regular support.

What third parties are involved?

Inprise/Borland, because I use Delphi,
jrsoftware, because I use Inno Setup, and
Microsoft, because you and me are using Windows.

(c) Copyright 2005-2011 by Johannes Assenbaum   -   last changed at Sep 29 2011